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Clarity Guided Meditation Kit

What You’ll Get In The Clarity Kit:

 *Please note that if you are already signing up for The Amethyst Retreat, the Clarity Kit comes as a complimentary bonus.

1. A Guided Meditation for Clarity

2. A 30-Page Workbook that includes:

  • Tips on Living with intention and Spiritual wellness
  • Step by step 7-Day Wellness Guide
  • Healing Crystal Benefits
  • Guided Journal prompts
  • Sacred Self-Care ideas
  • Printable Affirmation Cards
  • Printable Daily Mood Tracker
  • BONUS: Printable 18x24 Vision Board

The Benefits

Each meditation Kit focuses on 6 things:

1. Spiritual Wellness
Studies have proven that Spiritual Wellness helps lessen stress and anxiety, while increasing overall well-being, coping skills, and longevity.

2. Affirmations 
Studies have shown that because self-affirmations can positively influence feelings of self-worth, that they can decrease stress and increase well-being.

3. Mindfulness Meditation
Mindfulness meditation is a practice that involves slowing down to calm the mind and body, while developing non-judgemental awareness. It brings attention to feelings, sensations, and thoughts in a gentle way. Evidence has shown that Mindfulness Meditation reduces stress, improves immunity, and aids in better sleep.

4. Journaling
Journaling, also known as expressive writing, is a way to process emotions. Studies have shown that expressive writing can help alleviate anxiety, reduce blood pressure, and improve memory and mood.

5. Healthy Habits 
Creating healthy habits has been proven to extend life expectancy and reduce stress.

6. Connection to Mother Nature 
Studies have shown that being exposed to natural environments can help improve memory and reduce stress.


Downloading to Your Computer

Step 1- After you checkout, a download link will appear. Download the ZIP file folder to your computer. Double click the file (which will uncompress to open it). Then you will see a regular folder called Amethyst Life Clarity Meditation Kit. 

Step 2-Read the Getting Started Page inside the workbook.

Downloading to Your iphone

Downloading to Your Android