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Amethyst Life is a spiritual wellness and inspirational lifestyle brand. We offer high vibrational wellness tools to uplift, heal, and empower Black Women and Women of Color. We want you to feel a little more peace and joy every single day. 

We offer wellness products and services that inspire others to live with intention and practice sacred self-care for spiritual growth, personal development, and mental peace. We help nurture healthy habits so that they become healthy routines. Our guided meditation kits, Amethyst Magazine, Self-care and Intention Journals, Healing Ceremonies, and Crystal Retreats are all rooted in the spirit of love.
Spiritual wellness involves finding your meaning and purpose in life. It can include embracing self-love, aligning with your highest potential, connecting to the divine, and understanding the values and beliefs that guide your daily choices. Studies have proven that Spiritual Wellness helps lessen stress and anxiety while increasing overall well-being, coping skills, and longevity. When you live with intention, you live on purpose and make conscious choices that help you align with the life you want.

Feel free to check out a few evidence-based articles on the benefits of spiritual wellness here.

We offer wellness tools, advice, and guidance on:

Inner Peace
Authentic Sisterhood
Mindfulness Meditation
Growth Mindset Alchemy
Connecting to Mother Earth
Living with Positive Intention
Balancing Emotions & Energy
Self-love, Self-care, & Self-knowledge
The Healing Power of the Divine Feminine

Allyson Leak is on a mission to make mental health and spiritual wellness practical and relatable. She is an inspirational speaker, author, meditation teacher, and spiritual healer. She started Amethyst Life to share some of the gems that have worked for her during her 17-year spiritual journey.

In addition to launching her business, she's written stories on self-care and wellness, personal development, and lifestyle topics for over ten years. She has interviewed around 60 women in the entertainment and corporate world. Her work has been published in Ebony, Sister 2 Sister, Hype Hair, Honey Mag, and She is also the co-author of "The Goddess Potential: A Guide to Developing A Relationship With Your Inner Self," featured in the Huffington Post,, and NBC7. Over the past 15 years, she's spent countless hours practicing and teaching mindfulness meditation, self-care rituals, and workshops. Through her programs, participants grow in self-love, self-awareness, self-confidence, and resilience.

She was raised in Washington, DC, and earned a bachelor's degree in communications with a concentration in print journalism from Temple University. She also completed a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) certification from the Center For Mindfulness (CFM) at UMass Memorial Healthcare.

Amethyst Life is a black-owned, family-run business led by Allyson and a small team of creative, down-to-earth, wonderful souls.