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So happy you’re here!
Joy is your birthright. You are magical. You deserve to feel loved, cherished, healed, and to have your dreams manifest into reality. At Amethyst Life, we want to help you live with intention by turning sacred self-care and self-love into a daily routine. I’ve definitely had my fair share of ups and downs on my spiritual journey. Everytime I ever felt lost or sad, it was my spiritual practice that pulled me back up every single time. That’s why I created Amethyst Life, because I knew that just meditation alone wasn't enough for some people. I knew that when you use meditation as a tool for spiritual growth, or as a form of prayer, it can be life changing. So here’s what we want…

We want to hold space for you to continue to activate your light and embrace your inner wisdom and intuition.

We want to make sure you have balance. If you take care of others, we want you to also take care of yourself. If you are strong and resilient, then we want you to also find time to release, relax, heal, and process. If you make others feel safe and secure, we want to remind you that you deserve to feel that way, too. You are a beautiful sacred gift to this world and your potential is infinite.

Looking forward to connecting with you soon. If you get a chance, sign up at the bottom of the page for our newsletter Love Notes, where we send journal prompts for self-love, clarity, and aligning with your purpose.

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