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Spiritual Wellness Checklist

Spiritual wellness involves finding your meaning and purpose in life. It can include embracing self-love, aligning with your highest potential, connecting to the divine, and understanding the values and beliefs that guide your daily choices. Studies have proven that it helps lessen stress and anxiety, while increasing overall well-being, coping skills, and longevity.  

Signs of Spiritual Wellness

  • Developing a purpose in life
  • Having the ability to spend time alone for reflection
  • Taking time to reflect and process emotions
  • Taking time to understand yourself better
  • Exploring what it means to forgive yourself and others
  • Cultivating the ability to communicate calmly & clearly
  • Having empathy and compassion for yourself and others

Check in with your Spiritual Wellness

  • Do you allow yourself time alone?
  • Do you practice gratitude?
  • Do you pray?
  • Do you allow time for self-reflection
  • Do you meditate? 
  • Do you think about the meaning of life?
  • Do you take walks in nature? 
  • Do you practice accountability?
  • Do you allow time for fun and creativity?

Activities that can nurture Spiritual Growth

Regular Exercise
Listening to Motivational Talks
Eating nutritious meals and staying hydrated
Reading Books on Personal Development & Spiritual Growth
Collecting Sacred objects or symbols
Symbolic Art (like drawing or painting for mental peace)
Symbolic Acts (like lighting a candle for an Ancestor)
Spending time around people who uplift you and bring you joy