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The Amethyst Retreat is a virtual healing and bonding experience. Great for a small group of friends or a larger organization, the Amethyst Retreat is a great way to connect with friends on a deeper level. 

Attendees: Groups of 4, 6, 8, or 10 people
Duration: 2 ½ hours. Each Virtual Retreat can be delivered as a “stand-alone” event or as part of a quarterly offering to support sustainable mental peace and well-being.

The Benefits:
-participate in a calming guided meditation
-build authentic connection through sisterhood
-gain clarity and tools for sacred self-care
-journal for self-discovery
-learn tools to start overcoming limiting beliefs and self-doubt
-start harnessing the power of gratitude
-learn 8 tools to start the shift into a positive mindset
-learn about the metaphysical properties and benefits of crystals (amethyst, moonstone, & topaz)

The Process + Flow
Part 1: Guided Meditation, Rose Water Ceremony, Soul Journaling, Sisterhood Circle
Part 2: Create a Manifestation Board and write an invitation to your Wise & Loving Spirit Guides.

BONUS: Clarity Meditation Kit ($40 Value)

1. A Guided Meditation

2. A 30-page Workbook that includes:

  • Tips on Living with Intention and Spiritual Wellness
  • Step by step 7-Day Wellness Guide
  • Healing Crystal Benefits
  • Guided Journal prompts
  • Printable affirmations
  • Sacred Self-Care ideas
  • Printable Affirmation Cards
  • Printable Daily Mood Tracker
  • BONUS: Printable 18x24 Vision Board




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