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Amethyst: The Sacred Self-Care Issue

 Mind. Body. Spirit. Purpose

"Amethyst: The Sacred Self-Care Issue" is dedicated to uplifting, healing, and empowering Black women on their path to inner peace and joy. This annual coffee table book features inspirational articles on meditation, intentional living, and sacred self-care practices; Amethyst equips women with the essential tools to align with their purpose, discover tranquility, and harness their power.

We hope that these articles inspire you to flourish and radiate your brilliance.



The Art of Sacred Bathing, 12

3 Crystals for Clarity & Healing, 16

Make Shift Happen! 4 Ways to Boost Your Mood, 24

COVER STORY - Estelle, 28


The Magic of Meditation, 40

 Sacred Living - Clearing & Protecting Your Space, 45

 Goddess Oracle - Gaia, 46

 7 Days of Simple Self-Care, 50

The Power of Abundance Manifesting, 52


Editor's Picks: Desk Duty, 61

Pitch Pwr: DIY Public Relations Tips for Entrepreneurs, 62

Leading From Within, 63

Sistership: Tips for Having Ride or Divine Friends, 66

How Jolaubi Osho is a Heroines Heroine, 70

The Power of The Podcast - Arlan Hamilton, 72

Gratitude for Better Sleep, 73


Skin That Glows, 77

The Healing Power of Rhassoul Clay, 80

6 Reasons to Add Rosemary to Your

Haircare Regimen, 81

Market Noire - Black Beauty Supply Stores, 83

Zenergy - 4 Ways to Boost The Vibe in Your Home, 85

The Garden Goddess - Plant Mama Britt Parrish, 90

Artist Spotlight, 93

The Purple List, 95

Self-Love - Sis, It's Okay, 96